A Mother's Prayer

Patricia W. Payton

Lord, I place my children under Your protection.
Place within their hearts a desire for You.
Keep them in Your care always.

Replace their thoughts with Your thoughts.
Replace their feelings with Your feelings.
Replace their desires with Your desires.
Replace their love for themselves, with Your love for them.
Enable them to really feel loved.
Replace their love for others with Your love for all.

Give them grace to know they are a temple of the Holy Spirit and that they should act accordingly.
Send them Your Holy Spirit with Your gifts of wisdom, knowledge, counsel, and understanding.
Be their constant companion in their joys and sorrows, and in their successes and failures.
Never let them be separated from You and never let the truth about You be kept from them.

Protect them from anything that is not from God.
Anoint them, mark them as Your own, and bring them into eternity with You.
I ask all this in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.