You Will Have More To Give

Tracy Klehn, Growing Friendships

When you invest in your friendships, I believe that you will have more to give in the other roles and key relationships in your life.

A lot of women falsely believe they are being selfish if they do anything for themselves, including scheduling time to go to coffee with a friend. Constantly aware of the demands on their time and energy from other areas (work, kids, spouse), they just keep giving and giving until they hit rock bottom and lose it one morning. (If they're anything like me, it is likely to occur when they get the kids into the car for school.) The truth is that in order to have something to give out, women need to have something coming in.

God's Word says, "We love because He first loved us" (1 John 4:19). Out of the overflow of the love coming in from God, we are able to love others. We cannot create something out of nothing. We can't "muster up" energy, love, and enthusiasm for life.

...Making time for meaningful friendships is one of the ways you can allow God to pour into your cup and into your life...When your cup is full (or at least not "bone dry"), you are much more able to serve your husband, your children, and your employee.