God Gave

Marty Parks

Think for a moment about these words,
God gave...
For those looking for purpose and direction,
God gave a Wonderful Counselor.
For those filled with anxiety and strife,
God gave a Prince of Peace.
To the lost and helpless,
God gave a Good Shepherd.
To those needing a voice in their brokeness,
God gave an Advocate.
And for all those who have no one to identify with in their
suffering and pain, God gave a Man of Sorrows.
To those seeking answers,
the Truth.
To the ones ravaged by physical illness and spiritual calamity,
the Great Physician.
And for all of those facing the darkness of death,
God gave the Resurrection and the Life.
And as if that weren't enough, to everyone with no spark of divine
presence in their lives, He gave Immanuel - God with us.