God's Hand

Cheri Fuller

Once two women were sitting on a bench talking. One cried and said, “After all my years of serving, praying, and being obedient, why hasn’t God touched me? Why does he seem so far away?” She put her head in her arms and sobbed inconsolably.

All of a sudden she looked up and exclaimed, “He touched me! He touched me! I felt God’s hand! Oh, thanks be to God!” Then she looked at her friend and saw that she had her hand on hers.

“Oh, no, it’s just your hand, and I thought it was God’s.” The woman’s friend answered, “Yes, it was my hand. What did you think God would do—make a huge, long arm come out of heaven to reach you? God took the hand nearest to you and used that to touch you!”

Each time we are touched by friendship or supported by a hand of help or encouragement, these are the hands of God. Mother Teresa said that God has only our hands with which to bless the world. We hug, we support and comfort others, all with our hands. Yet in every action, God’s hand is involved and it is his Spirit inspiring us.