Stay is a charming word in a friend's vocabulary. - Louisa May Alcott

As near as...

Remember, you have the Lord as near you as your very hand. - Lisa Whelchel

Prove or Improve

Am I trying to prove that I am right, or improve the relationship? - Lysa TerKeurst

A Godward Focus

Lord, be the glory and lifter of our heads and hearts. Lift up our eyes to you, to focus on you, knowing that whatever happens, you are sufficient, you are enough, you are faithful. May we have a Godward focus instead of being focused on our problems (see Psalm 3:3; Psalm 8). - Cheri Fuller


As we live day-by-day, pulled in a thousand different directions, may we be intentional. Let us look back and know that when our loved one saw us coming, our presence was refreshing. - Suzanne Eller


Emily P. Freeman

My many things list felt heavy and impossible. I had so many things.

And then Renee [Swope] spoke of the choice we have to receive the gift of rest, because we have a God who sees and cares and notices. He will not come undone. He remains un-overwhelmable.

Cherish Your Breathing

Isn’t a bloodstream 100,000 miles long an unusual wonder? Isn’t the journey of an oxygen atom a true marvel?....Cherish your breathing. It is the miraculous gift of life. – James Robinson, MD

Sometimes being silent...

Sometimes being silent and trusting God looks like putting one foot in front of the other while towers of water are on your left and your right. But He is good, and He can be trusted. - Jefferson Bethke


Everyone you ever meet will know something you do not know. - Bill Nye

Love Your Enemies

I learned that if you love your enemies, you touch the ocean of God's love as never before. - Corrie Ten Boom

Stay in the Habit

I want to stay in the habit of 'glancing' at my problems and 'gazing' at my Lord. - Joni Eareckson Tada

Only Thing

The only thing we could do was actually the best thing we could do --- pray. - Cheri Fuller, When Children Pray